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Mission statement: The mission of the PTS Mentorship Program is to develop relationships that will facilitate leadership, research, and/or clinical skills to empower professional growth of its members.

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Testimonials from our Mentors and Mentees!

As we embarked on this new Mentorship program, I was excited to help a new TPM much as I had been mentored by Kathy Haley when I first started. What I didn’t fully expect was all that I would from my mentee! She had insightful ideas and was incredibly helpful to me as my own program was going through some difficult changes. Talking about our PRQs as we both prepared for our first ever virtual consultation visits led us to conversations about areas of trauma program management we didn’t even initially realize needed to be discussed. Different programs, different states, and different ways to approach so many aspects of trauma management—the PRQ review was helpful to focus on all areas of each program. Even though I had been through past ACS verification visits, this virtual platform was new for both of us, and the collaboration and time spent with someone in the same boat was invaluable! Most of all—I made a friend who I excitedly got to meet in person at PTS! What a great experience! – TPM Mentor, Lisa Nichols, MBA, BSN, RN, CCRN-K

"I have had the pleasure of being involved with the PTS mentorship committee since inception. It is exciting to see our hard work pay off with the successful completion of the first round of TPM mentorship pairings. As a mentor I have gained so much from this program, both personally and professionally. The learning is definitely a two way street as everyone has something to offer whether they realize it or not. Perhaps most importantly I have gained a friend and a relationship that I know will continue long after the official mentorship program is complete. There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes from working with your mentee for months and seeing improvements and goals being met culminating is a successful site visit. I would encourage anyone who has considered joining in this program to take the leap and trust me you will not regret your decision." – TPM Mentor, Terri Elsbernd MS, RN, Pediatric Trauma Program Coordinator, Mayo Clinic Rochester MN

"I am so grateful for the PTS Mentorship Program! The program started at the time I was a new TPM starting a new trauma program and wow have I learned a lot. My mentor helped me through everything I needed to prepare for our consultation visit from how to implement our SBIRT program to completing the PRQ. We had regular scheduled zoom meetings, but she was also available for an email, text or quick chat when needed. And she still is. I have truly gained not only a mentor, but a friend indeed." – TPM Mentee, Alita Lanoux, Trauma Program Manager, Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital

"Although I went into the session as a mentor, it became evident very early that the benefit of the program would be mutual. The ability for the mentors and mentees to collaborate and discuss diverse approaches to tackling programmatic issues is a priceless opportunity. I also found the Mentorship program experience to be a fabulous way to develop a partnership that will be long lasting. I would highly recommend the program to mentors and mentees who are seeking opportunities to connect and learn from one another." – TPM Mentor, Lana Martin, MHL BSN RN CPEN TCRN CEN CPST-I