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Guidelines in Focus

Welcome to "Guidelines in Focus." This is a new opportunity to interact around evidence based guidelines that relate to the care of injured children. Periodically, we hope to provide you with an evidence based guideline from an organization whose mission overlaps with that of the PTS. Think of it like those "Key Articles" emails you get from the PTS and other organizations, except this one will focus on an evidence based guideline.

Each "Guidelines in Focus" will share a similar structure: 1) Guideline highlights. This section will provide you a direct link to the evidence based guideline and walk through some of the important points of each guideline. 2) What's new? This section will summarize a few additional articles that relate to the evidence based guideline. The process of building an evidence based guideline is intense and time-consuming, yet new articles on the subject come out all the time. 3) What next? This is your invitation to look at the care pathways posted on the PTS website, and see how people are practicing. We would love for all PTS members to share their care pathways, give feedback, and exchange ideas.

Above all, we hope that "Guidelines in Focus" will be helpful, educational, and interactive. If you have ideas about how to make it better, please let us know.

John Petty, MD
on behalf of the PTS Guidelines Committee

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