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Terri Elsbernd, MS, RN, CEN, CPEN, PTS President Terri Elsbernd, MS, RN, CEN, CPEN
Mayo Clinic Hospital
Rochester, MN
PTS President

I found my inspiration for this message while on a recent road trip with my husband. We ventured from Minnesota to Texas to do some exploring. One of my favorite spots was Magnolia Market in Waco. On our way home, as I was thumbing through the December 2018 issue of The Magnolia Journal, I came across several articles related to anticipation. The variety of messages about anticipation made me think immediately about the upcoming PTS annual meeting, and I hope my message will do the same for all of you.

We all have experienced anticipation throughout our lives, sometimes accompanied by anxiety or excitement; consider a wedding, holidays when children were young, or perhaps even a trauma verification site visit. No matter what we are looking forward to or other feelings that accompany it, there is a positive aspect to anticipation. Believe it or not, I remember the Christmas holidays from my childhood. The feeling of anticipation and excitement would start weeks in advance as traditions endured from year to year. It is that memory that made me think of PTS.

I will freely admit that I spend a great deal of time anticipating our meeting in Baltimore, mostly with profound excitement. As with holiday traditions, I am not anticipating new events even though I know there will be new content and exciting research presented. Instead I am waiting for the comfortably familiar aspects of PTS that we have all come to expect. We have seen our PTS friends on zoom meetings and webinars, but I think we all long to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company as we have at previous annual meetings. I think the phrase that relays my feelings about the November meeting is hopeful expectation as I recall the beautiful memories of previous PTS meetings and envision the wonderful memories yet to be made. Yes, it is only May, and November is 6 months away, but my hope for all of you is that you are able to find joy in the anticipation!



Robert Letton, MD Robert Letton, MD

Tell us a little about yourself
Spent the first 5-6 years of my life as an Air Force brat, traveling from base to base while my father flew helicopters in Vietnam. Since both my parents were from KY when he got out, we moved back to KY and that is where I consider home to be. Went to Davidson College, then UK for medical school. Matched at Wake Forest for General Surgery and then Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center for Pediatric Surgery. Was on Faculty at Wake Forest for 5 years, spent 2 years in Charleston, WV, 13 in Oklahoma City, and now starting my 3rd year in Jacksonville, FL at Nemours/Wolfson Children’s. Our two children, Ashton and Lewis are still in OKC and my son gave us our first grandchild 11 months ago... More

PTS MEET Webinar Series (January-July 2021)

7th Annual Meeting

In efforts to continue to live and promote the PTS mission of improving outcomes for injured children through development of optimal care guidelines, education, research and advocacy the PTS will be bringing to you a webinar series, PTS MEET (Monthly Education Experience on Trauma) from January – July 2021.

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Upcoming webinars:

Thursday, May 13, 2021 Anesthesiologist's Pitfalls and Pearls for Managing the Difficult Airway in Pediatric Trauma Patients
Thursday, June 10, 2021 Screening Tools in Pediatric Trauma
Thursday, July 8, 2021 TBD

Abstract Submission Open: PTS 7th Annual Meeting

7th Annual Meeting

The Pediatric Trauma Society is now accepting abstracts for their 7th Annual Meeting.
Submit your Abstract
Deadline: Tuesday, May 18th at 11:59 pm EDT
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Abstracts accepted in the following categories:

Abdominal & Thoracic Trauma
Basic/Translational Science
Clinical Care
Education & Injury Prevention
Emergency Medicine
Neurosurgery/Neurological Trauma
Orthopedics/Orthopedic Trauma
Quality & Process Improvement
Rehab/Psychology/Social Work
Trauma Nursing
Trauma Systems & Epidemiology
Vascular Trauma

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The Pediatric Trauma Society Educational Fund was established to support educational initiatives and awards related to the Annual Meeting.

Your contribution will be used to support:

  • The Joseph J. Tepas Best Presentation Award, awarded annually
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award in Pediatric Trauma, awarded annually
  • Expenses related to the annual Keynote Speaker

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PTS Member testimonials:

"A significant portion of the patients in our PICU are trauma patients, and caring for them is one of my passions. I appreciate that the focus of PTS is on the unique factors affecting pediatric trauma patients and that the PTS information and education opportunities inform the work I do every day." – Maria Woosley, DNP, CPNP-AC,PC

"I still remember how excited I felt when I heard about the creation of a new professional organization geared at pediatric trauma care. I had long wanted to go to a national meeting where pediatric trauma was the focus instead of an afterthought. After the first PTS meeting I was hooked and knew I wanted to be involved. I volunteered and today am so privileged to serve as President of this amazing organization." – Terri Elsbernd, MS, RN, Mayo Clinic, PTS President

"Before the PTS, nothing quite like it existed. Like a child, we resemble our parent organizations. But as every parent knows, each kid is 100% unique. PTS is focused on a disease, not a profession. Everyone who cares for injured kids is welcome on the playground—nurses, doctors, therapists, scientists, EMTs—everyone. We are a young organization, still growing and developing. But, like kids, we are going to have fun when we get together. Come out and play." – John Petty, MD, Wake Forest, PTS Board of Directors

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Greetings from your Pediatric Trauma Society Injury Prevention Committee. Our committee consists of a broad range of trauma specialists, all who are committed to preventing children from the pain and sorrow of injury. From doc to nurse and registrar to administrator, all have a needed role on our committee... More

Research Committee

PTS Research Grant
The PTS Research Grant is an opportunity to promote basic, translational, and/or clinical investigation by the PTS membership. It is intended to support early-stage investigators at the Assistant or Associate professor level, in order to aid in generating data supporting future applications for extramural funding.

Apply Today
Applications are due at 5:00 pm CDT June 1, 2021.

Submit a Research Survey
In an effort to encourage submissions and engage the membership, an anonymous Member of the PTS has generously volunteered to fund the first 5 surveys submitted. Please note, requests may not be met immediately and all submissions are still subject to review.

Distribution of research surveys/questionnaires to health care professionals is an effective method to explore practice patterns, knowledge, etc. Submit your Research Survey for consideration of being distributed to the Pediatric Trauma Society Members! The PTS Research Committee will:

  1. Solicit ideas for pediatric trauma focused surveys
  2. Collaborate with membership committee to provide principle investigator a list of target survey recipients and contact information
  3. Provide some level of review for surveys intended for PTS members at large
  4. Provide some language to principle investigator for endorsement by PTS research committee for Society distribution

Please note: the Research Committee provides these actions as a guide and this does not indicate that the committee will develop the surveys, distribute the surveys, monitor progress, nor collect or analyze the data.

There will be a fee ($300) for surveys that are endorsed/hosted by committee. The cost for the first 10 surveys submitted are covered under an anonymous donation.

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Submitted by Johnathan Kohler, University of California - Davis
TEN4-FACESp: an evidence-based tool to differentiate accidental vs inflicted bruises in young children More


Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery (JTACS) is the official publication of the Pediatric Trauma Society. All PTS members are eligible to receive the journal at a discounted price as long as your dues are current. The reduced rate of $96 is based on a calendar year and you have the option of choosing a paper and electronic copy, or electronic only. To sign up for the discounted rate, please contact the AAST office at 800-789-4006 and state you are with the PTS and want the discounted rate for JTACS, (please have your PTS membership number handy). To continue to receive JTACS, you will need to contact AAST to renew your subscription starting in October of each year.

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