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PTS Position Statement on U.S. Immigration Policy

Dear PTS Members,

In response to the current method of enforcement of U.S. immigration policy that separates children from their parents and places them into detention centers at our nation's borders, the Pediatric Trauma Societyís Board of Directors calls for an immediate alternative. A new immigration policy must be developed and implemented which minimizes disruption of families and prevents health and psychological stresses upon innocent children.

We as pediatric caregivers cannot stand by silently; we urge our lawmakers to act in the best interests of these children. The long-term effects of this trauma on many of these children could be substantial. Immediate bipartisan action is necessary. We call for our nation's elected leadership to work together to secure the nationís borders and enforce immigration policies without placing innocent children at risk.

As a community of physicians, nurses, researchers and EMS professionals dedicated to the optimal health and well-being of children, we stand with these children and use our collective voice to fight for the optimal wellbeing and health for all children.