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PTS Position Statement on Firearm Trauma

The mission of the PTS is Improving Pediatric Trauma Outcomes, and our vision is to be a leader in the field of pediatric trauma through optimal care guidelines, education, research, and advocacy. Firearm trauma is a significant cause of preventable death (including homicide, suicide, and unintentional deaths) and injury among children in the United States, and is a major public health problem that requires urgent intervention. The Pediatric Trauma Society advocates for an evidence based, public health approach to reducing firearm injuries and deaths in children.

The Pediatric Trauma Society:

  • Advocates for pediatric suicide education and prevention programs that include firearm safety.

  • Supports the right of all health care providers to include pediatric firearm safety in discussions of home safety with their patients and families.

  • Supports research initiatives for pediatric firearm injury prevention and advocates for national funding for these efforts.

  • Supports adoption of evidence-based state and national policies that reduce pediatric firearm injuries.

  • Urges all trauma centers that care for children to develop and implement community-level interventions to reduce firearm injuries in children.