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Impact Ofa Multidiscipinary Teleburn Program On Pediatric Burn Care In A Rural Area
*Heidi Altamirano, *Mark Johnston, *William Mohr
Regions Hospital, St. Paul, MN

Background (issue): This verified adult and pediatric burn center has offered a Teleburn program to the region since 2014 serving a large rural area. The goals were to improve access and care to burn patients in the region, and provide expertise to rural providers. Video access is provided to over 80 facilities in the region. Services provided include acute video consults, video outpatient visits, video visits within patient's homes, and a store and forward program with photographs. A multidisciplinary team including burn surgeons, nurses, occupational therapists, and a psychotherapist provide services to patients and clinicians.
A retrospective review of teleburn cases was performed.
Findings: Over 70% of patients seen via acute video visits are able to stay in their community thus reducing unnecessary transfers. Thirty-six percent of these were pediatric patients. The most common location of injury in pediatric burn cases was the hand. In some cases, pediatric patients were admitted to local facilities for child protective service evaluations. In these cases the burn surgeon followed the patient on a daily basis. One hundred percent of pediatric patients kept in the community were seen via one or more outpatient video visits. This saved families hundreds of dollars in travel and missed work time.
Pediatric patients were evaluated using the store and forward program which entails sending still photographs in a HIPPA compliant manner.

Conclusions (implications for practice): The impact of teleburn for pediatric patients has increased access to burn specialists, avoided unnecessary transfers, and saved time and travel costs for families and is applicable to centers implementing similar programs.

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