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Emergency Pediatric Ultrasound "Make a Confident Diagnosis" A Pictorial Review
Luis F. Acosta1; Roberto Galuppo2; Barbara Pawley3
1PGY 2 Radiology Resident, Lexington, KY; 2PGY 5 Radiology Resident, Lexington, KY; 3Faculty, Emergency Radiology, Lexington, KY

Computed tomography (CT) is a technology that allows rapid and accurate diagnosis of many serious and life-threatening conditions. Often the most comfortable modality choice is CT, but it has the attached disadvantage of ionizing radiation. Ultrasound is a valuable imaging tool in children encompassing many different clinical scenarios. It replaces the previous fluoroscopic methods of diagnosis for evaluation of intussusception, pyloric stenosis and other pathologies. When an ultrasound is performed by a skilled operator, it can provide information necessary to make a confident diagnosis and perhaps answer questions unanswered by CT.

Table of content/Outline1. To recognize ultrasound as a first line imaging modality in children as an alternative to choices that utilize ionizing radiation.2.

To review pediatric pathologies in which ultrasound has been adopted as a primary diagnostic modality.3.

To highlight the potential of ultrasound as an accurate diagnostic tool.4.

To recognize the importance of ultrasound in the emergency department as an examination with multiple capabilities: dynamic, portable, low cost, and widely accessible.
We present a pictorial review of various clinical cases that demonstrate how ultrasound can make a confident diagnosis (Table 1).

Ultrasound is a brilliant technology that can help make a confident diagnosis in children, which may obviate the need for ionizing radiation in certain clinical scenarios.

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