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Building a Case for Pediatric Injury Prevention
Kimberly J. Lombard, CHES; Denise B. Klinkner, MD, Med, FACS.; Terri Elsbernd, MS, RN
Mayo Clinic Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center, Rochester, MN

Background: Falls are the leading cause of traumatic injury, and injury related Emergency Department visits in the state of Minnesota for children ages 0-14. We hypothesize that the majority of Minnesota trauma centers and public health departments responsible for injury prevention (IP) efforts in the community are not focusing on fall prevention interventions for children. Purpose: To examine the current state of childhood IP interventions in Minnesota, identify potential partners to collectively address pediatric fall prevention, and utilize survey results to lead future IP efforts.

Methods: An electronic survey was administered to state/ACS verified trauma center and county health department staff in Minnesota. We compared opinions related to leading causes of traumatic injury, current IP efforts, data sources used to prioritize IP efforts, barriers to implementing childhood fall prevention interventions, and partnerships among trauma centers and health departments.

Results: Completed surveys were analyzed with 38 responses from trauma centers, and 24 from county health departments. Based on opinion, 47% of trauma center staff listed falls as the #1 cause of traumatic injury to children, compared to 25% of health department staff. 18% of survey respondents report that they have, or are, providing fall prevention programing. Limited resources were listed as the leading barrier.

Conclusion: Significant variation exists regarding opinions related to the leading cause of pediatric traumatic injury. The feedback generated from this survey will be shared with Minnesota stakeholders in an effort to encourage collective action towards falls prevention interventions for Minnesotan children.

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