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Novel Inter-Disciplinary Trauma Simulation Utilizing Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice Model Demonstrates High Learner Satisfaction
Erin B. Henkel, MD1; Bindi Naik-Mathuria, MD2; Cara Doughty, MD, MEd1; Adam Vogel, MD2; Daniel Lemke, MD1
1Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX; 2Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, TX

Background: Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice (RCDP) simulation has been shown to be effective in teaching complex team choreography in medical resuscitations, but has not previously been evaluated in level 1 trauma scenarios. We identified a need for this training between Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) and Pediatric Surgery sections at our quaternary children's hospital and sought to develop multidisciplinary team-based training.

Methods: Learning groups included 1 PEM fellow, 2 surgical residents and/or fellows or physician assistants (PA's), and 1-2 emergency center (EC) nurses and/or emergency medical technician (EMT). We utilized one scenario in traditional simulation style and one scenario with progressively challenging rounds in the RCDP model. We used a high-fidelity mannequin and trauma scenarios including blunt and penetrating trauma. Learners completed post-event satisfaction surveys.

Results: The median learner satisfaction score was 5/5 on a Likert scale (n=23), with grouped scores displayed in Figure 1. Half of all learners (48%) stated they most benefitted from the structure of the RCDP model, including instant feedback and discussion during the scenarios, and the ability to pause and restart the scenario for repetitive practice. The next most common benefits identified by learners were the ability to learn more about system-specific logistics (20%), practice scenarios in different roles (16%), and the hands-on nature of high-fidelity simulation to practice skills and leadership (16%).

Conclusions: RCDP is an effective model for inter-disciplinary trauma simulation training of multiple learner levels and skill sets.

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