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Discharge Follow Up Phone Call Screening for Concussive and PTSD Symptoms in Pediatric Trauma Patients
Brittney K Anderson
CHOC Children's Hospital, Orange, CA

BACKGROUND - At our institution there was not an established follow up system for trauma patients whom did not have an operation. When patients were seen in a surgeon’s office there was no screening for concussion or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. Trauma Nurse Practitioner (NP) proposed a follow up screening tool to complete during phone call to parent/guardian ~ 1 week after discharge.
METHODS - Searched evidence for concussion and PTSD screening tools which could be incorporated into a phone call screening tool. Nurse Practitioner reviewed evidence with Trauma Director and Concussion Clinic Neurologist, created form, and began calling all hospitalized pediatric trauma patients ~ 1 week after discharge.
RESULTS - After 6 months, the completion rate of phone calls is 73.3% with 36.3% of patients screening positive for symptoms of concussion, PTSD, or both 1 week after discharge.

CONCLUSIONS - With over a third of patients screening positive this evidence reinforces the importance of appropriate screening and sub specialty consultations along with evidence based patient/family education during hospitalization in regards to symptoms of concussions and PTSD. Future research could include comparing an inpatient PTSD screening tool to the follow up phone call results, thus helping to identify patients who are at higher risk of PTSD and potentially arranging outpatient psychology follow up prior to discharge from the hospital.

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