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The Use of Dehydrated Human Amniotic Membrane Allografts in Pediatric Burn Patients, Is it safe?
*Salomon Puyana, *Adel Elkbuli, *Elizabeth Young, Amanda Leannais, Rizal Lim, *Brenda Benson, *Orlando Morejon, *Harris Mir, *Mark McKenney
Kendall Regional Medical Center, Miami, FL

Background:Amniotic membrane is a novel non-immunogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial skin substitute that provides a matrix for cellular migration and proliferation. Its use has not yet been compared to standard treatment in pediatric facial burns. Our study purpose was to validate amniotic membrane allograft safety in pediatric facial burns and compare it to other treatment modalities.
Methods: A retrospective review of prospectively collected data was performed utilizing our hospital Burn Registry between 2012-2017. We compared the safety of amniotic membrane vs cadaveric allografts in patients with facial burns <16 years old. Outcome measures included healing at 2 weeks and complications, primarily hypertrophic scars and infections. Paired sample t-test and Chi Squared analysis were used with significance defined as p<0.05.
Results:Our study had a total of 30 patients. The age range was from 0 to 14 years with the mean being 3.7 years. The percent total body surface area burn ranged between 1 to 27% with an average 6.8%. There were 4 complications in the group receiving cadaveric allografts versus zero complications in the amniotic membrane group (p<0.05). All patients in both groups completely healed (100%) by 2 weeks.

Amniotic MembraneCadaveric Allograftsp-value
Total # of Patients1317
Age (years)4.92 (0-14)2.76 (0-12)ns
Burn TBSA5.92 (2-14)7.47 (3-27)ns
% Healing at 2 weeks13 (100%)17(100%)

Conclusions: This is the first study to reveal that amniotic membrane allografts are a safe alternative to treat facial burns in pediatric populations. There was a significantly higher number of complications with the use of cadaveric allografts vs amniotic membrane to treat pediatric facial burns.

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