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An effective method of teaching in a busy PICU
Lori J. Humphrey RN, MSN. Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH, USA.

An effective method of teaching in a busy PICU Background: The skills associated with trauma care often involve high risk, low volume skills with specific pieces of equipment that are utilized with patients. Competency for a 100+ RN staff could not be maintained through one annual education day/yr. The 20 minute check-ups were developed to meet the needs of a busy PICU staff in the form of a method to improve/maintain competency for those skills. Purpose/Objective: A literature review for maintaining competency for high risk, low volume skills did not reveal a proven method for training Pediatric Nurses in an ICU setting. The 20 minute check-up was created by the PICU educator and then refined by the Trauma Nurse Resource group. The objective of these mini training sessions offered an opportunity for the RN staff to review and demonstrate the high risk, low volume skills three times a year, thus increasing comfort, competency and assisting with standardization of use.

Methods: Modules were created by the TNR to ensure consistency between the instructors. Peer-to-peer teaching was then completed for the PICU staff during three separate time frames throughout the year. Documentation of all teaching was completed.

Results: After two sessions of peer-to-peer teaching that had been offered, increase level of comfort was evident by decrease amount of time of instruction during the next annual skills day as well as increase utilization of the specific equipment.

Conclusions: Positive feedback has been received from the nursing staff, thus suggesting opportunity for future use.

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