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7th Annual Meeting
Dear PTS Colleague:

On behalf of our PTS Board of Directors, we send our best wishes to you, your families and colleagues in these COVID-19 troubled times. We all are hopeful that the gradual re-openings we see at home and around the world will be successful and allow us all to resume some semblance of our new normal. Along with this, many of us are beginning to ask what will happen with planned fall conferences – and that some of our members are wondering what is the plan for the PTS 2020 Annual Meeting, set to be held from November 4th to the 7th at the Sheraton New Orleans, six months from now.

At the present time, the PTS is planning to hold our 2020 Annual Meeting in November as scheduled. Our Program Committee, led by Ms. Jennifer Fritzeen and Dr. Shawn Larson, has been working extremely hard, and we are currently receiving abstracts for consideration for this year’s program. Our staff team will be opening registration and housing at the end of this month. We are monitoring events, advisories, and the continuing impact of COVID-19 in our hospitals, practices and lives on a daily basis. The health and safety of our members and their patient constituency is and always shall be our primary focus. In the meantime, we are exploring multiple options of what our meeting could look like, from a more traditional format, to a true hybrid meeting with both physical and virtual attendees. Our team is working with our vendor partners and hotel partner on plans for many permutations, all in compliance with guidelines and safety standards.

Your PTS Board of Directors will continue to review this on an ongoing basis, and we will provide updates regularly via communication as well as our website.

Wishing you health and safety,

The PTS Board of Directors

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