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Case Reports

March 2020
Pediatric Concussions: Case Reviews
Tracy A. Larsen, RN, BSN, TCRN

January 2020
Pelvic Fractures
Roberta Miller, MSN, RN

September 2019
Firearm Injury
Ann Bacevice, MD

July 2019
Pediatric Penetrating Trauma: Gun Shot Wounds (GSW)
Christine Perlick, RN, BSN

May 2019
Blunt Trauma
Heidi Altamirano, RN, MS

March 2019
Facial Trauma
Patricia N. Sommer, RN, BSN

January 2019
Case Report: Burns
Mark J. Johnston, RN, BSN

September 2018
TBI and Concussion
Patricia Sommer, RN

July 2018
Abusive Head Trauma
K. Wallenstein

May 2018
Penetrating Pediatric Trauma
Heidi Altamirano, RN, MS

March 2018
Airway Trauma
A. Bacevice, MD
These case presentations were submitted for competition at the 2016 PTS annual meeting. This series will be used for educational purposes to illustrate various pediatric trauma topics.