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Committee Chairs:

Susan Ziegfeld, MSN, PNP-BC, Nurse Leadership Committee Chair Chair
Susan Ziegfeld, MSN, PNP-BC
Kara Mitchell, Nurse Leadership Committee Co-Chair Co-Chair
Kara Mitchell, Co-Chair


Amanda Felder
Amanda Taylor
Amy Waunch
Anne Moss
Carla Coffey
Cheryl Malone
Chris McKenna
Christi Reeves
Christi Thornhill
Danielle Sargeant
Dawn Tortajada
Diane Hochstuhl
Donna Matwiejewicz
Erika Ohm
Ginger G. Wilkins
Jennifer A. Tabak
Karla Earnest
Kathy Haley
Kellie Rowker
Kimberly Giordano
Kirsten Campbell
Kris Hansen
Lee Ann Wurster
Lisa Gray
Lisa Puett
Lisa Schwing
Lynn Haas
Maria McMahon
Melea Anderson
Nate Christopherson
Pam Pieper
Patricia Morrell
Sally Snow
Stacey Staman
Steven Litzsinger
Susan Ziegfeld
Terri Elsbernd
Tracie Walton

2019 Charter

  1. Purpose of the Committee
    1. The mission of the Nursing Leadership Committee is to network, minimize duplication of effort related to pediatric trauma program/operation, and decrease variation within pediatric trauma programs making the role of pediatric nurse leader easier.

  2. Committee Charge
    1. Develop PTS as the must join organization for all pediatric TPM, nurse leaders, and PI coordinators.
    2. Provide input and/or actively participate in coordination the PTS conference (clinical and leadership)
    3. Provide recommendations to the board regarding trauma program leadership issues
    4. Seek inclusion with ACS regarding TPM issues and verification

  3. 2019 Committee Goals
    1. Support the PTS Conference planning subcommittee with content as well as subject matter experts.
    2. Collaborate with Guidelines Committee to provide nursing content expertise for 2 current guideline projects.
    3. Coordinate a minimum of 3 webinar/conference calls with subject matter experts for specific pediatric trauma topics chosen by the committee members.

  4. Target Audience for the Nurse Leadership Committee
    1. Any TPM or person who is in a leadership role within a trauma program/service including but not limited to trauma coordinator, trauma director, PI coordinator, or similar position

  5. Charter Changes and Renewal
    1. The committee will review and reassess the adequacy of the charter annually and recommend any proposed changes to the PTS board for approval

Revised 11/16; Revised 1/18; Revised 1/19