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Membership Committee

Committee Chairs:

Gina M. Berg, PhD, MBA, MSMFT, Membership Committee Chair Chair
Gina M. Berg, PhD, MBA, MSMFT
  1. Purpose of the Committee
    The mission of the Membership Committee is to develop innovative ways to attract new members, support and retain current membership.
  2. Committee Charge
    • Oversee process for the recruitment and retention of members
    • Provide recommendations to the Board regarding membership categories, dues structure, membership policies and other aspects related to membership.
  3. 2017 Committee Goals
    • Analyze and report membership statistics and trends in membership
    • Generate ideas for increasing membership and for offering services to existing members
    • Increase the involvement of international and student members in PTS activities.
    • Create presence with board member assistance at regionally, nationally and internationally recognized trauma meetings as a means of recruitment and increasing awareness of PTS
    • Provide recommendations to the board on membership categories and fees
    • Develop basic marketing material for recruitment of new membership
  4. Membership Committee Composition
    The Membership Committee is comprised of a chair and vice chair and a maximum of 20 members who are active members of PTS. The committee chairs will be appointed by the PTS Board.
  5. Charter Changes and Renewal
    The committee will review and reassess the adequacy of this charter annually and recommend any proposed changes to the PTS board for approval.