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Pediatric Blunt Solid Organ Injury Guidelines: A joint Pediatric Trauma Society (PTS) and Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST) TraumaCast
Pediatric Blunt Solid Organ Injury Guidelines:
A joint Pediatric Trauma Society (PTS) and
Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST)

Committee Chair:

Ian Mitchell MD, Guidelines Committee chair Ian Mitchell MD

The Guidelines Committee is responsible for developing and disseminating evidence-based information related to pediatric trauma care for the purpose of increasing the scientific knowledge needed to enhance patient care and promote optimal clinical decision-making. Goals of the committee include but are not limited to the following:

  • Develops pediatric specific evidence-based guidelines or consensus statement
  • Reviews specific evidence-based guidelines for relevance to the pediatric population
  • Updates existing evidence-based guidelines based on new clinical information
  • Disseminates evidence-based guidelines used by other institutions/organizations

Committee Goals: to develop and disseminate evidence-based information related to pediatric trauma care in order to improve health outcomes.

Three working groups

  1. Child Abuse/Non-Accidental Trauma Screening Guidelines (LEAD: Tony Escobar)
  2. Trauma Transfer Criteria from Community Hospitals to Level One Trauma Centers (LEAD: Matthew Santore)
  3. Severe Hemorrhage - Massive Transfusion/Coagulopathy Treatment Guideline (LEAD: Adam Vogel)

Guidelines in Focus: work to identify guidelines developed by other organizations and share/contextualize for pediatric trauma providers.

Sharing of local clinical pathways/best practices.

Guidelines Committee - Recent Accomplishments

  • VTE Guideline
    Published in JTACS 2017

  • Non Accidental Trauma - Renal Trauma
    John Draus (lead), Jonathan Ellison, Judith Hagedorn, Robert Russell, Cordelie Witt, Kristen Zeller
    EAST Collaborator: Nicole Fox
    Submitted to J Trauma for blinded review and presented by Judith Hagedorn at EAST meeting
    View Visual Abstract!

  • Tourniquet Usage in Pediatric Trauma Patients (position statement)
    Mubeen Jafri (lead), Aaron Cunnigham, Mark Cicero, Marc Auerbach
    Future directions: being evaluated by ACS COT for possible endorsement, exploring collaboration with stop the bleed group

  • Non Accidental Trauma (review article)
    Mauricio A. Escobar; Katherine T. Flynn-O'Brien; Marc Auerbach; Gunjan Tiyyagura; Matthew A. Borgman; Susan J. Duffy; Kelly S. Falcone; Rita V. Burke; John M. Cox; Sabine A. Maguire

  • Guidelines in Focus - Concussions
    Byron D. Hughes MD, MPH, Nathaniel Kreykes, MD, Rosemary Nabaweesi, DrPH, Shannon Longshore, MD, Eric Sribnick, MD, John Petty, MD
    (completed- cervical spine, femur fracture, blunt liver/spleen injury)

Guidelines Committee work in progress

  • Trauma Transfer: Matt Santore (lead)
    PICO questions formulated, completed literature review  |  Timeline: by 11.2018 review papers and abstraction, present update at PTS meeting

  • Massive Transfusion/Trauma Induced Coagulopathy: Adam Vogel (lead) (EAST collaborators: Bryce Robinson, Chris Dogion)
    PICO questions have formulated, literature search completed  |  Timeline: TBD

  • Skeletal Fractures/Non-accidental Trauma: Ian Mitchell (lead) (Working on collaboration with EAST, Helfer, AAP, ACEP)
    Timeline: TBD