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Advanced Practice Provider Committee

Committee Chairs:

Katie Swenson, MPAS/PA-C, MSc, Advanced Practice Provider Committee Chair Chair
Katie Swenson, MPAS/PA-C, MSc
Jennifer York, APRN, MNSc, CPNP-AC, Advanced Practice Provider Committee Co-Chair Co-Chair
Jennifer York, APRN, MNSc, CPNP-AC


  1. Purpose of the Committee
    1. The mission of the Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Committee is to network, serve as a resource for APP role questions, evaluate the impact of APPs on trauma systems and patients, and support the role of APPs in trauma systems.
  2. Committee Charge
    1. Develop PTS as the must join organization for all APPs caring for pediatric trauma patients
    2. Enhance the APP experience at the annual PTS conference by providing input to the board and coordinating APP topics
    3. Develop a recommended standard of practice for the pediatric trauma APP role
    4. Provide APP perspective to the board as requested
  3. 2017 Committee Goals
    1. Solicit interest from current PTS members to establish leadership and membership for the committee
    2. Create a ListServ for communication of members
    3. Develop APP focused content for and encourage APP participation in the PTS annual meeting
    4. Organize a networking meeting for the PTS annual meeting
  4. Target Audience for the Advanced Practice Provider Committee
    1. Any APP involved in the trauma care of pediatric patients.
  5. Charter Changes and Renewal
    1. The committee will review and reassess the adequacy of the charter annually and recommend any proposed changes to the PTS board for approval