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Joseph Tepas Award Recipients

In Memory of Dr. Joseph Tepas, III

On December 20, 2019, we lost a true "voice for the injured child." Throughout his long career, Joseph J. Tepas, III, MD committed his time and talents to addressing the number one killer of children trauma. Following his fellowship in pediatric surgery at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Tepas became head of the Division of Pediatric Surgery at Naval Regional Medical Center, Portsmouth, VA. In 1983, he joined the faculty of University of Florida - Jacksonville dedicating his life to the care of ill and injured children. "JJT" was instrumental in founding the pediatric trauma program in Jacksonville and was critical to the development of Florida's state trauma system and the first pediatric-specific trauma registry, the National Pediatric Trauma Registry. He was a surgeon dedicated to his patients who also understood the importance of evidence to inform decisions.

PTS LIVE (Learning In a Virtual Environment)
November 6, 2020
Physician: Daniel F. Labuz, MD
Non-Physician: Mona L. Delva
PTS 6th Annual Meeting
November 13-16, 2019
San Diego, CA
Physician: Christopher W. Marenco
Non-Physician: Teresa M. Bell
PTS 5th Annual Meeting
November 8-10, 2018
Houston, TX
Physician: Young H. Chun, MD
Non-Physician: Miriam A. Nuno
PTS 4th Annual Meeting
November 2-4, 2017
Charleston, SC
Physician: Walter P. Samora, MD
Non-Physician: Jin Peng
PTS 3rd Annual Meeting
November 11-12, 2016
Nashville, TN
Physician: Joshua B. Brown, MD, MSc
Non-Physician: Kylie M. Bushroe, BS