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Education Fund
Starting in 2020
Donate $25.00, get a PTS pin
Donate $50.00, get a PTS t-shirt
Donate $65.00, get both pin and t-shirt

All items will be given out at the PTS Annual Meeting

The Pediatric Trauma Society Educational Fund was established to support educational initiatives and awards related to the Annual Meeting.

Your contribution will be used to support:

  • The Joseph J. Tepas Best Presentation Award, awarded annually
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award in Pediatric Trauma, awarded annually
  • Expenses related to the annual Keynote Speaker

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The PTS is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

View past Tepas Competition Award Recipients

The Pediatric Trauma Society would like to thank the following donors for their support of the Education Fund:

Meghan Abrams
Rick Albert
Mary Arbuthnot Thorpe, DO
Ann Bacevice
David Bakken, MD
Amber Baxter
James M. Betts, MD
Amina M. Bhatia
Rebeccah L. Brown, MD
Randall Burd, MD
Rita Burke, Ph.D
Kevin Burns
Brendan T. Campbell, MD, MPH
Christine Campbell
Charles P. Carapinha, MD
Michelle Caruso
Laura D. Cassidy, PhD
Arthur Cooper, MD
John P. Crow, MD
Margot Daugherty, MSN, MEd.
James M. DeCou, MD
Michael W. Dingeldein, MD
Lydia J. Donoghue
John M. Draus, Jr.
Peter F. Ehrlich, MD
Terri A. Elsbernd
Christine C. Eme, CAE,CMP
Brett W. Engbrecht, MD
Kimberly M. Erickson, MD
Mauricio A. Escobar, MD
Maria H. Estrada, DO
Richard A. Falcone, M.D., MPH
John W. Fitzwater, MD
Carlos Flores, RN
Edward Gregg Ford, MD
Barbara A. Gaines, MD
Nilda M. Garcia, MD
Lisa Gray
Jonathan I. Groner, MD
Lynn Haas, RN, MSN
Marilyn J. Haas, MD
Kathy Haley, RN,MS
Sheila J. Hanson, MD
Michael P. Hirsh, MD
Diane C. Hochstuhl
Lynn M. Horton
Joseph A. Iocono, MD
David Juang, MD
Denise B. Klinkner
Stanley H. Konefal, Jr.
Matthew E. Kutcher, MD
Scott E. Langenburg
Shawn D. Larson, MD
Laurie A. Latchaw, MD
Robert W. Letton, Jr., MD
Abigail E. Martin
Donna Matwiejewicz
Thomas W. McGill, MD
Chris McKenna
Susan McLean, MD
Ellen M. McManus, MD
David P. Meagher Jr, MD
Roberta L. Miller, MSN
William J. Millikan
Ian Mitchell, MD FACS
David P. Mooney, MD, MPH
Matthew Moront, MD
Anne Moss
Steven L. Moulton, MD
Stephen G. Murphy, MD
Bindi Naik-Mathuria, MD
Michael L. Nance, MD
Lisa Nichols
David Notrica, MD
John K. Petty, MD
Joseph Piatt, MD, MAS
Pam Pieper, PhD
Joelle Pierre, MD
Srikumar B. Pillai
Donald D. Potter, Jr.
Jose M. Prince
Nora E. Raynor, RN, MSN
Daniel M. Rubalcava, MD MSPH
Tammy Rush, MSN, RN, C
Robert Russell, MD, MPH
Shawn Safford
Danielle R. Sargeant
Maureen Sheridan
Thomas L. Sims, Jr.
Tracy M. Skaggs, APRN
Sally K. Snow
Anthony Stallion
Dylan Stewart, MD
Gustavo Stringel, MD, MBA
Steven Stylianos, MD
Kara Thompson
Christi M. Thornhill, MSN, RN, C
Jeffrey S. Upperman, MD
Pina Violano, PhD
Adam M. Vogel
David C. Wahoff
Marvin Wayne
Cinda Werner
Ginger Wilkins, MSN
Patsy Williamson, DNP
Matilda Ca Wright, BSN
Lee Ann Wurster, RN
Henry Xiang, MD, MPH, P
Natalie L. Yanchar
Susan M. Ziegfeld, MSN, PNP-B

A special and heartfelt thanks to the following contributors who donated on behalf of Dr. Joseph Tepas:

Lucian B. Acuff
Ali Al Rawi
Patricia Baker
Elizabeth Beierle Chen
Elizabeth K. Beves
Cara A. Breeden
Kirsten Busey
Patricia Byers
Jean A. Campbell
Nanwei Cao
Mike Chen
Lucian Denicola
Diane T. Collier
William Dietrich
Patricia A. Dowd
Audrey and Leslie Fisher
Barbara Gurien
Eunice Huang
Robert T. Hyde
Gregory J. Jurkovich
Andrew and Karen Kaunitz
Michael D. Klein
Lawrence Lottenberg
Kathryn Miller
Patricia Morrell
Sharon L. Omeechevarria
Mollie O'Neill
Robert B. Patterson
Joan M. Peters
Pamela Pieper
Nicholas Poulos
Mary K. Roeder
Karen Scarborough
Lynn Schleupner
Barbara Schmitt
Bolles School
Walter S. Sechriest
Ruthie and Sidney Simmons
R. Stephen Smith
Evan Weiner
Bridget Williams-Simmons
Hosein Yasrebi
Brian Yorkgitis
Arthur Cooper
Steven Steinberg
Martha Broderick
Chip & Jayne Abrams
updated as of January 29, 2020