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Customizing Trauma Nursing Education to Incorporate All Departments A Cost-Effective Way to Educate Nurses from Every Trauma Associated Unit
Katherine Gautreaux, BSN, RN; Christi Reeves, MSN, RN; Jenna Blair, RN; Natalie Pham, BSN, RN; Karla Abela, BSN, RN; Justin Reeves, BSN, RN
Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, TX

Background: Trauma education is crucial for optimizing the outcomes of trauma patients. Available trauma nursing education courses are currently targeted towards specific nursing practice areas and can be costly for organizations. There is a need for cost effective trauma nursing education delivered in a way that benefits all nursing units.

Methods: A team of stakeholders was planed a day of trauma education for nursing staff. Needs assessments and literature reviews were conducted to identify knowledge gaps. Based on the data, content experts from many disciplines and specialties were engaged to develop and deliver content via interactive lectures, discussion panel, large group activities, case studies, and skills stations. This course was offered to any interested internal employee free of cost.

Findings: Two courses have been offered in 2018 with 76 total students in attendance. This translates to a cost savings of up to $46,740 when compared to external trauma courses. The students rated the first and second overall course as 4.24 and 4.39 out of 5 respectively on a Likert scale. 40% and 45.1% of students graded the course as "excellent", the highest rating. According to the learners, 100% of the learning objectives were met. 98.04% of all students stated they intended to make changes to their practice as a result of the activity.

Conclusions: Engaging key resources within an organization to deploy an internal approach to trauma nursing education can be valuable, cost-effective, and opened to a broader nursing audience, inclusive of all units that care for trauma patients.

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