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Journal Scan

Journal Scan is a new offering from the Education Committee. It is a sampling of recent literature. Committee members will review a few journal articles relevant to practice and post the title, authors, abstract, and a brief review as to why this article may be of general interest to the pediatric trauma world. Topics requested by PTS members will guide the article selection process.

December 2018

Snow Sport Injuries

October 2018

Non-Accidental Trauma

August 2018

Massive Transfusion Protocol

June 2018

Trauma Simulation

April 2018

Penetrating Trauma

February 2018

Head Injury

June 2017

Topic 1: Non-Accidental Trauma in Children

Topic 2: Post Natal Education Program Impact on Abusive Head Trauma

Topic 3: Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma

Topic 4: Cost of Abusive head trauma (AHT)

Journal Scan Archive